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#103 : Dans l'ombre de Superman

Malgré l'interview qu'elle a donné à Cat Grant, Supergirl n'est pas prise au sérieux comme héroïne mais toujours vue comme étant simplement la cousine de l'Homme d'Acier. L'arrivée de Reactron, un ennemi que Superman n'a jamais pu vaincre, pourrait donner à Kara l'occasion de briller.


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Fight or Flight

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Dans l'ombre de Superman

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Cat: It's you. Oh, no. I'm sorry. I meant to say, who are you?

Supergirl: According to you, I'm Supergirl.

Cat: Trademark pending.

Kara: You have questions. I'm ready to answer them.

Cat: Huh. Do you mind if I record this?

Kara: I suppose not.

Cat: Okay. Supergirl. Let's start with the generals. Where are you from?

Kara: I traveled to Earth from my home planet of…

Cat: Krypton?

Kara: Yes. When it was destroyed. My parents sent me here where they thought I'd be safe.  

Cat: I feel like I've heard this story before.

Kara: This is my story.

Cat: So, I can assume that all of your powers are the same as the Man of Steel's? The flying, the super strength, the freezy breath thing?

 Kara: I'm still working on that last one.

Cat: Oh, so you're not up to his level yet?

Kara: I wouldn't say that.

Cat: So, why are we just hearing from you now?

Kara: I'm not sure I understand the question.

Cat: Well, if you've been on Earth for years, why wait this long to start giving back? Where were you during the earthquake two years ago? Or the wildfires last September that killed eight people?

Kara: This is not a job I take lightly. I had to be ready.

Cat: Any plans to start a family?

Kara: Nobody ever asks my cousin these questions.

Cat: Superman is your cousin?

Kara: This interview is over.

Cat: Well, what do you do all day when you're not flying around town? Do you have a day job?

Coffee shop

Kara: Mmm. Mmm. Thank you.

Waitress: How can you eat sticky buns for breakfast every day and stay so thin?

Kara: I'm an alien. Hi !

Alex: Hey. Are you okay? I called you like a bunch of times last night. Where were you?

Kara: I think I fell asleep last night. Yesterday was a pretty long day.

James: Morning! Hey.

Kara: Hey. Uh, what are you doing here?

James: Oh, this is the only place that makes this really hard to find drink I like, tea.

Kara: That's really funny. That's funny. Um, Alex, you remember, um, James Olsen? My friend from work.

Alex: Yeah.

James: How's the covert alien hunting business?

Alex: Not as covert as we would prefer.

Kara: I didn't tell him.

James: Look, it's okay. I can be trusted with a big secret.

Alex: Well. I hope you'll extend the same courtesy to my sister.

James: Always.  Meet up back at the office?

Kara:  Yes.

James:  Great seeing you, Alex.

Alex: Hmm.

Kara:  What?

Alex: You like Jimmy Olsen.

Kara: Stop it. Um, first of all, he prefers James.

Alex: Oh.

Kara: Mmm-hmm.

Alex: Okay. 

Kara: Second, we're just friends. Just friends.

Alex: Please. You were looking at him like he was one of your sticky buns. And seriously, you have got to stop telling people who you really are. The less people know about Supergirl, the better.

Woman on TV: In a shocker of a news item today…

Kara:  Right.

Woman on TV: …Cat Grant, CEO of Catco Media, is reporting that Supergirl and Superman are in fact related.

Alex: Kara?

Catco Worldwide Media

Reporter: No one has been able to identify who or rather what she is.

Winn: Ah. Interesting choice mentioning that in an interview. Isn't that a little dangerous?

Kara: I didn't mean to. I got confused and it just popped out. She… She tricked me. She's like a villain. She's like a super interviewing villain.

Winn: That is literally the most boring power ever.

Cat: Kerah!  

Kara: Good morning, Ms. Grant.

Cat: It's a big day for journalism. The Daily Planet can suck it. I scooped them.

Kara: Yes, I… I heard. You told everyone that Supergirl and Superman are cousins. Do you think maybe she might've kind of wanted that on the down low?

Cat: Bulletproof.

Kara: Uh. Are you asking me if I'm bullet…

Cat: Bulletproof Coffee. It's made from unsalted grass-fed butter with an extract of coconut oil that improves brain energy. I will need a cup of it every hour. Crappy coffee has toxins in it that will rob me of my creativity and my vigor. I'm going to need both if I am going to write a kick-ass expose on Supergirl.

Kara: You're writing it? Yourself?

Cat: I'm a writer. It's like riding a bike, or severe childhood trauma. You never really lose it. And I must be pretty decent at it because… We will be publishing a special issue of our monthly magazine, The Day After Tomorrow. It is going to make that Caitlyn Jenner Vani Fair look like a Penny Saver pullout. We need a big party to launch it. Throw something together Uh, 1,000 guests. Rent out a museum or something.

Kara:  Um…

Cat: And move Dave out there to another desk. I find his hair distracting.

Kara: Um, Dave, I need a favor.

Unknown place

Woman on TV: The story is spreading like wildfire across social media. Cat Grant's latest exclusive on National City's mysterious new arrival, Supergirl. Everyone has questions about the so-called Girl of Steel, and this first and only interview is promising answers, including intimate details about who she is, where she's from and what she's doing here. It also confirms her relationship to the Man of Steel himself. That they are, indeed, cousins.

Man: Cousins.


Hank: Have you lost your mind? What were you thinking giving interviews?

Kara:  I wouldn't say it was an interview exactly. It was more of a private conversation that's being published.

Hank: What's next? A book deal? A reality show? Keeping Up with the Kryptonians?

Kara: So, he's mad?

Alex:  It's hard to tell with him. Why did you give that interview?

Kara:  At first, I did it for James.

Alex: Oh, that explains it.

Kara: But I also did it for me. I'm still trying to figure out what Supergirl means. Guess I just thought talking to Ms. Grant would give me some perspective.

Alex: Everybody wonders who they are at some point in their lives. You're gonna figure it out, Kara. You always have.

Vasquez: Sir, we have a Code Grey. It's coming from the NCH.

Alex: Looks like a multiple car collision.

Vasquez: Highway Patrol officers and medical personnel are en route. No sign of alien activity. We're clear.

Hank: Run a thermal scan to be sure. And Miss Danvers, next time you're thinking of talking to the press…

Alex:  She's excited. It's her first pile-up.


Men: Supergirl, the driver's still inside, she can't get out.

Woman: Help! Somebody! I'm stuck.

Kara: It's okay, I've got you, I've got you.

Woman: Thank you

Kara:  Who are you?

Reactron: I'm just a ghost.

Kara:  What do you want?

Reactron: I want the Man of Steel to suffer. I want him to know what it feels like to lose everything. Starting with you


Hank: “Reactron.” At least that's what the Daily Planet colorfully dubbed him when he showed up in Metropolis a few years back.

Kara: Reactron? That's kind of a stupid name. Who named him that?

Hank: Jimmy Olsen.

Kara:  Oh. So, who is this guy really?

Hank: Unknown. He remains at large after a string of very public fights with your cousin. Neither of them ever came out on top. And no one knows why he's so obsessed with killing Superman.

Kara: So, what's the plan? How do we stop him?

Hank: We don't.

Kara: So what are you saying? We just sit back and do nothing?

Hank: Reactron, whoever he is, is human. Which means this case falls outside the DEO's jurisdiction.

Kara: This man flies and shoots nuclear fireballs! How is that not extra-normal?

Alex: He's using advanced biomedical tech. Man-made tech.

Hank: I can't risk exposing this organization every time some human criminal shows up at National City.

Kara: And I just can't let this man run wild.

Hank: Call your cousin. Superman fights for truth, justice and the American way. Last time I checked, National City was in America.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Ms. Grant? I'm just… I'm putting the finishing touches on that party,  and I need your okay on…

Cat: Shh, shh, shh. Do you hear that?

Kara: Uh, no.

Cat: You don't you hear that loud, high pitched, incessant humming coming from the vents that is making it impossible for me to think straight, let alone string together one coherent sentence?

Cat: I have pretty good ears, and I don't hear anything.

Cat: Well, get maintenance to look into it because it's driving me crazy.

Kara: Sure thing, I'll get them right on it. I just need you to approve the appetizers for tomorrow.

Cat: Kerah, I am very proud of the fact that in my many years of being a CEO I have never thrown a phone at an assistant. I would very much like to keep that record intact.

Kara: I'll take care of it.

James: She's pretty tense working on that article, huh?

Kara: Yeah. You could say that.

James: She always get like this when she's writing?

Kara: People have been known to schedule their vacations around it.

Winn: Psst. Psst.

Kara: Why are you doing that? We're standing right here.

Winn: Follow me and act natural

Kara:  Where are you taking us?

Winn: To your new office.

Kara: I think Ms. Grant prefers me to be within yelling distance.

Winn: Oh, no. Not for that job. For our other job. This used to be Ed Flaherty's office from Actuaries but after he died of a heart attack behind his desk, nobody wants it. Which makes it perfect for our needs. Now, we can't just crowd around your desk every time we want to talk Supergirl stuff. So, I loaded this office up with some, uh, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line tech.

Kara: Winn, I can't believe you did all this for me.

Winn: Um, believe it. Okay, so for our first mission, Supergirl vs. Reactron. Okay, so his true identity remains a mystery. Right? We know Superman has fought him multiple times over the years.

Kara: Right.

James:  I know. I was there.

Winn:  How could I forget? Anyway, he shoots these highly concentrated

James:  Bursts of nuclear energy.

Winn: From his gauntlets. Uh, his chest plate provides an increase in strength…

James: Strength.

Winn: …and flight.

James:  Yeah.

Winn: Now, I've written an algorithm that will sweep the city for any variable changes in radiation. And maybe we can use this to find him.

James: And then what?

Winn: And then Kara goes all Supergirl on him.

James: Kara, you might consider calling your cousin on this one. I've seen what Reactron can do.

Kara: James, if I call for help now, I'm done. We're done. Every villain out there will think of National City as an easy target.

James: He nearly killed Clark once.

Winn: Clark? Clark Kent is Superman?

James: I'm just trying to keep you safe.

Kara: And, yes, I appreciate that. But of all the things the “S” stands for, safety is not one of them.

Winn: Clark… Clark Kent is Superman.

Kara: Winn… Winn.

Winn: Sorry, I can't…

Kara: I'm… I'm still trying to figure out what being Supergirl means. Who I am. And now I know. I'm not Superman's cousin. I'm Supergirl. And if I'm going to be defined, it's going to be by my victories and my losses. No one else's.

James:  I guess stubbornness runs in the family.

Lord industries

Maxwell Lord: When I was a kid, I had a train with blue streaks. Coolest toy I ever had. I know a train that magnetically levitates is inherently cool, but still, the color's kinda bumming me out. Let's paint blue streaks. And while we're at it, it needs to go 500 kilometers an hour.

Man: We've been working for three years, you know, to push it to 450. The test is in six days.

Maxwell Lord: Then it probably occurred to you over the last 36 months that if you used hafnium instead of a tungsten alloy in the vacuum tubes, you could decrease the weight of each car by 30 kilos… and get it to 500. But Carl over there will see the job to the finish. You can go. You're done.

Man: But Mr. Lord

Maxwell Lord: I said you're done. Keep up the good work, everyone. This train is a gift for National City. To get people out of their gas guzzlers and accepting of clean, affordable transportation, it has to be perfect.

Reactron:  Hello. I'm looking for someone with a background in nuclear fission. No volunteers? How about you?

Maxwell Lord: Stop! It's okay. Everyone keep calm. It's gonna be all right. You don't need to hurt anyone.

Reactron: I need this man.

Maxwell Lord: From the looks of things, what you need is a mechanical genius. Compared to me, that guy's a dope. Don't take him. Take me.

Catco Worldwide Media

Man on TV: Once again, Lord Technologies has been the target of an attack by the criminal known as Reactron.

Lord industries

Kara: Is everyone all right?

Man: Mr. Lord. He's been taken.

Catco Worldwide Media

Woman on TV: It's been 24 hours since tech billionaire Maxwell Lord was abducted from his research facility by the Metropolis-based criminal known as Reactron. Authorities still will not speculate whether Mr. Lord is alive or dead.

 Kara: Yes, yes, I'm still here. Yes, Ms. Grant wants all of the hostesses dressed as Supergirl. Right, uh, red, blue, the “S.” Thank you.

Winn: This isn't on you, Kara.

Kara: I have to find this man. How am I supposed to do that?

Alex: With my help. Do you have someplace private we can talk? 4

Winn: Do we ever.

Alex: I used the DEO satellite to scan the highway where you fought Reactron. And I was able to isolate the nuclear signature of his weapons system. It's powered by Thorium 232 which can only be found in one place.

Kara: Bakerline Nuclear Power Station.

Winn: I remember this. Terrorists tried to start a full-on meltdown like five years ago, but then…

James: Superman stopped them.

Alex: Yeah, he prevented the core from going into overload. Saved millions of people. But two reactor engineers were killed when the facility was flooded with radiation. Ben and Alyssa Krull. They were married.

Kara: Ben Krull is Reactron.

Alex: Yeah, he somehow survived the radiation exposure.

Kara: That's why he hates my cousin. He blames him for the death of his wife.

James: Superman still managed to prevent an American Chernobyl.

Winn: Chernobyl. That gives me an idea on how we might find Krull.

Unknown place

Maxwell Lord: My housekeeper does a bang-up job on my penthouse. Pretty sure she could get this place all shiny in a jiff.

Reactron: Do you see what's wrong?

Maxwell Lord: The moderator's been damaged which is preventing neutron speed reduction. It's clear you're sick. Respiratory distress, the skin desquamation and ulcering How much radiation were you exposed to?

Reactron: More than enough to kill me.

Maxwell Lord: How about we go back to my lab? Let my team analyze your case. Find a way for you to regain a normal life.

Reactron: I had a normal life. It didn't work out. You're gonna repair my suit or they're gonna start building memorials to you.

Maxwell Lord: Fine. I'll need thorium, cesium-137, tributyl phosphate and a Dr. Pepper. That last one's for me. I'm thirsty.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: Mmm.

Kara: I finished proofing the Supergirl article.

Cat; Please begin my compliments.

Kara: Well, uh, the writing is… The writing is beautiful. Lyrical. The kind of story they make you read in journalism school.

Cat: I distinctly heard a slight uplilt, which suggests a hesitation, a vacillation, and maybe an ambivalence?

Kara: Isn't the tone kind of… A little nasty?  Uh, I mean, the headline. Um, okay. “Millennial Falcon. Every Generation Gets the Superhero it Deserves.” Supergirl didn't tell you how old she is. How do you know she's a millennial?

Cat: Well, if she's not, then I want the name of her surgeon.

Kara: What about this passage? Um…  “Supergirl embodies the worst traits of her generation. The earnestness without purpose, the unshakable belief that she has a right to be heard, even when she has nothing to say.”

Cat:  That is a magnificent point.

Kara: I transcribed your interview. She's not like this. You've taken her out of context.

Cat: I have given her context. I hate to break it to you, but the world is tough. What is she going to do when she has to face a real threat? Oh, I know, she'll call her cousin. Just like every other millennial who calls Mommy and Daddy the second things don't go their way.

Kara:  She won't do that.

Cat:  How do you know that?

Kara: I think… I think maybe what she's trying to say… is that… when people are scared or hurt or in danger, they think of Superman. But that it's okay to think of her too, and not just as some consolation prize. She's every bit the hero he is. She just needs the chance to prove it.

Cat: Well, I guess we'll find out.

James: Sorry to interrupt. Kara, it's the florist. Uh, for the party.

Kara: Right. I should probably handle that.

James:  Winn found Krull.

Kara:  What? How?

James: There was a black mold that grew in the town of Chernobyl right after the meltdown. Now, Winn found the same mold here in National City. At a junkyard, 60 miles south.

Kara: Tell Ms. Grant I'm putting the finishing touches on the party.

James: Kara. Kara, just wait. Wait. Just get Lord out of there. You don't have to take on Krull, too.

Kara: Krull is not some crazed alien. He's a human being. Who's been hurt enough. That's something my cousin never knew. And that's why I'm gonna go talk to him, the way I would want someone to talk to me.

James: And if he doesn't want to talk?

Kara: Then I'll punch him real hard until he falls down. That always seems to work.

James: Kara.

Unknown place

Kara:  I'm not here to fight you. I know who you are. I know why you hate my cousin. I know what you've lost, too.

Maxwell Lord:  You look taller on TV.

Kara: Where is he?

Maxwell Lord: He forced me to repair his suit. I don't know where he is.

Kara:  Get out of here. Go! Ben, I don't think your wife would want you hurting anyone.

Reactron: Ben Krull is dead. Superman saw to that. Now he's gonna lose someone too. And after you die… your city dies too.

Kara’s apartment

Alex: Kara? Kara. Hey. Easy, easy, easy. You're okay.

Kara: How long was I out?

Alex: Just a few hours.

Kara: I was fighting Krull. My cousin. Where is he?

James: He had to go. Volcanic eruption in the South Pacific.

Maxwell on TV:  Reactron is a great danger to everyone in this city. Luckily, I wasn't harmed. In fact, I'm lucky to be alive. And I owe it all to the great hero who rescued me. Superman.

Kara: I don't understand. How did he know that I was fighting Krull? You called him.

James: Kara, he gave me this a long time ago. If I ever got in trouble, I could contact him.

Kara: But you weren't in trouble. When did you even call him? The second I left?

James: Kara, I made a promise to your cousin. If anything ever happened to you…

Kara:  My cousin didn't have a  “get out of a jam free” card when he first started. Neither should I. It feels like you don't believe in me.

James: Of course, I believe in you. I wouldn't even be here if I didn't believe in you.

Kara: Maybe you shouldn't be here at all.

James: You know what, Kara? I'm sorry that you're mad at me. But I'm not sorry you're still alive.

Alex: He was just protecting you.

Kara: I know, I know. It's just… It wasn't supposed to be this way. This is the reason my mother and father sent me to Earth.

Alex: They wanted you to live, Kara.

Kara: No, it's more than that. I was supposed to be the one saving him, not the other way around. How am I supposed to really become a hero if Superman has to keep saving me?

Alex: Your story… Your story is just starting. And someday you're gonna be the one saving him.

Kara: Oh, God! I… I have to be at Cat's party, like, now. Like 10 minutes ago, now. I don't have my dress.

Alex: Yes, I figured you would not have the time so I borrowed one from the DEO closet. Um, not that you really need it, but It is bulletproof.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Oh, um…

Cat: You don't fool me. You're late. I noticed because there was no one mumbling and shuffling three paces behind me.

Kara: I'm sorry.

Cat: Where are the magazines? The paper ones? The ones that can be framed?

Kara: Right, the magazine.

Winn: Uh, the truth is, Kara is probably just a little foggy because she was up all night autographing the magazines with the author's name.

Cat:  Ah. It's as if I thought of it myself, Kerah.

Kara: Oh, my God. Winn, you just saved my life. I owe you big time.

Winn: Well, you could, um, repay your debt right now. Dance with me?

Kara: Sure

Cat: Maxwell Lord. Kidnapped one minute, rubbing elbows the next. I'm surprised you came.

Maxwell Lord: Cat Grant. You're talking to the same guy who launched a top-selling tablet hours after surviving an avalanche on Everest. Cocktails after a kidnapping? Tsk. Breeze. Are we dancing?

Cat: Look at you. All dressed up in your big boy suit. Like James Bond making a living playing with toy trains.

Maxwell Lord:  So tell me. How did you manage to get an exclusive with Supergirl?

Cat: Girl knows power when she sees it. She flew right to me.

Maxwell Lord: Are you going to tell me how you pulled it off? Or am I gonna have to get sneaky?

Cat: You're very sexy, Max, but as I recall, you're big on promises, but not much else. Oh, look at the time. Nothing says “powerful” more than leaving your own party early.


Hank: Alex.

Alex: Director Henshaw.

Hank: Agent Danvers, what are you doing?

Alex: I'm helping Kara to stop Reactron.

Hank: It's been increasingly difficult for you to follow orders since your sister flew onto the scene.

Alex: When you asked me to join the DEO, I didn't hesitate. Because you told me that together we were going to save the world. Except saving the world means everybody. Aliens, humans, I can't separate them anymore. Especially when my little sister's life is at stake.

Hank: Who else knows about this?

Alex: No one.

Hank: Good. Wouldn't want them getting any ideas. So, how do we defeat this Reactron? 

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Ready, babe?

Kara: No, wait… Oh, my God!

Winn: Yes, it's happening, girl! This is happening.

Kara: Okay. It's…

James: Do you mind if I cut in?

Kara: It's fine, Winn.

James: Look, I don't like how we left things.

Kara:  Yeah, neither do I.

James: Me pressing that button on my watch had nothing to do with you. It was me. I call him when things get tough. I always have. That's part of the reason I left Metropolis. My safety net became my reflex. I press that button when I get scared. And I was scared that I was going to lose you.

Kara: I really like that you care about me. But you have to care enough to let me fly my own path, separate from his. And trust that I'm going to save the day.

James: Kara, you are amazing. You leap into the sky, headfirst into danger. And you don't seem scared of falling.

James: Hmm, what's so bad about falling?

Reactron: Where is Supergirl?

Kara: I'm going to slip into something more durable. Do not do anything stupid.

James: No promises.

Maxwell Lord: Don't suppose my fixing your nuke suit earns me a hall pass?  Twice in two days. I should put you on the payroll as a bodyguard.

Kara: Get somewhere safe.

Maxwell Lord: Good idea.

Kara: I am sorry for what happened to you. But you are going to jail.

Reactron: I'm sure one day I will. But you won't live to see it.

James: Hey, Krull! Krull! Know who I am? Jimmy Olsen. I'm the closest thing Superman has to a best friend. You wanna see him hurt? Killing me would do that. Come on.


Alex: Kara, we may have a way for you to stop Krull.

Hank: Krull's chest unit is powered by a Demon Core, a subcritical mass of plutonium.

Alex: If you can remove it from his suit, it should shut down his weaponry.

Hank: But the core will melt down the very moment it's freed from its containment matrix.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: There has to be some way to stop him without nuking the city.


Alex: You need to encase the core in lead before you rip it free.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Lead.


Kara: You could have been killed.

James: No. I knew you'd save the day.


Kara: Thank you for your help. Both of you.

Hank: Something tells me this isn't the last non-alien you'll be taking on. And since the threat of federal prison doesn't stop your sister disobeying my orders, I guess in the future we'll just have to help Supergirl again.

Kara: Told you he'd come around on me.

Alex: So, what does the Girl of Steel do to celebrate after saving the day?

Kara: Um… How about the Danvers sisters take in a movie tonight?

Alex: Or how about you go find a certain ex-photojournalist with a penchant for tight shirts who makes you smile more than anyone else I've ever seen do? Yeah, that.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Hey, James, do you have a minute? I wanted to ask… I'm sorry. I didn't know you weren't…

James: Kara, this is Lucy Lane.

Lucy: Hey, it's nice to meet you, Kara.

Kara: Nice to meet you. Lane. Uh, any relation?

Lucy: Yes. Lois is my big sister.

Kara: Oh, I have one of those too.

James: Uh, I'll catch up with you later, Kara.

Kara: Sorry. Bye.

James: I can't do this right now.

Lucy: Metropolis isn't around the corner, Jimmy. I came a long way to see you.

James: And why did you?

Lucy: I didn't like the way we ended things. Could we just get dinner? And talk?

James: Yeah, sure. Dinner.

Winn: Hey, you okay?

Kara: Fine, yeah, fine.

Winn: Hey, you want to go down to our, uh, our secret office, do some super sleuthing?

Kara: Actually, I have a lot of work to do. Maybe later? Thanks, Clark. It means a lot to me.

Kara’s apartment

Alex: No James Olsen tonight, huh?

Kara: No, not tonight. Pass me that last pot sticker.

Alex: Uh, no. That one is mine. You had four.

Kara: If that pot sticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, I will melt your face.

Alex: I hope you get fat.

Kara: Not on this planet.

Alex: So, guess what I picked up on the way.

Kara: Did you actually read the article? Because she says horrible things about me.

Alex: Very well-crafted horrible things. Deep beneath that seething disdain… she respects you.

Kara:  Really?

Alex: Mmm-hmm. Supergirl, I mean. Her assistant, no, she couldn't give a rip about. Oh, God.

Kara: Right in the face.

Alex:  Well, look, you should be proud of yourself. I mean, you're doing things that Superman couldn't even do.

Kara: Well, I may not need Superman to be a hero, but I will always need you.

Alex:  Isn't that your cue?

Kara: Do not watch Homeland until I get back.

Alex: There's no promises.  

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110 : Héritage explosif (inédit)
Lundi 31 juillet à 23:25

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111 : Les visiteurs (inédit)
Mardi 1 août à 00:15

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112 : Une place pour deux (inédit)
Lundi 7 août à 23:25

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113 : Un monde parfait (inédit)
Mardi 8 août à 00:10

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301 : TBA (inédit)
Lundi 9 octobre à 20:00

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106 : Plus loin, plus proche (inédit)
Mardi 18 juillet à 01:10
0.42m / 18.3% (Part)

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104 : Mais comment fait-elle ? (inédit)
Mardi 18 juillet à 00:15
0.71m / 17.9% (Part)

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105 : Hautes tensions (inédit)
Lundi 17 juillet à 23:20
1.05m / 17.3% (Part)

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103 : Dans l'ombre de Superman (inédit)
Mardi 11 juillet à 01:00
0.63m / 23.1% (Part)

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102 : Période d'essais (inédit)
Mardi 11 juillet à 00:10
0.94m / 20.2% (Part)

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101 : Une nouvelle héroïne (inédit)
Lundi 10 juillet à 23:20
1.48m / 18.1% (Part)

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SDCC | Photos, Vidéos et Trailers

SDCC | Photos, Vidéos et Trailers
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Calista Flockhart de retour en récurrente

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Jenna Dewan Tatum & Outlander!

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felicity22 (20:34)

ouais je sais pas car a un moment du trailer on voit sa mère et thea courrir avec l'explosion derrière elles

felicity22 (20:34)

j'espère qu'ils ne sont pas tous morts

felicity22 (20:34)

je pense pas

MissChoupi (20:35)

Oui je sais mais il peut croire qu'elle est morte ..

MissChoupi (20:36)

Je pense pas qu'ils sont tous morts mais la production peut nous le faire croire au début ..

felicity22 (20:36)

ouais c vrai

choup37 (21:14)

Coucou les filles (?^^), c'est plein de spoilers tout ça! Allez en discuter sur le forum dédié sur le quartier Arrow, ce sera plus adapté

choup37 (21:15)

*repart mettre à jour Doctor Who*

MissChoupi (21:16)

Oui désolé ! C'est ce qu'on a fait après coup encore une fois désolé

choup37 (21:29)

Je me doute Je vous ai vus disparaitre ^^

MissChoupi (21:30)


Visiteur 4799528 (22:33)


elementary (10:34)


Daeriss (13:02)

Lut vous allez bien ?

Supersympa (17:35)

Bonsoir à tous.

Visiteur 5905266 (17:37)

Quai à vu prison break?

Supersympa (17:37)

MOI MOI !!!^^

Visiteur 5905266 (17:39)

Je vais un peut faire cinéphile mais qui a remarqué la perche dans le champ s01 ep19 à 34'33?

Supersympa (17:42)

Au sens figuré ?

Visiteur 5905266 (17:43)

Nn vraiment

Supersympa (17:45)

Je suis en train de regarder et on voit pas grand-chose.

Supersympa (17:45)

L'image est floue.

Visiteur 5905266 (17:46)

Oui c'est blouse mais on le vois quand même

Visiteur 5905266 (17:46)


Supersympa (17:47)

Qu'est-ce qu'elle a de spécial ?

Visiteur 5905266 (17:48)

Rien mais c'est faux raccord

Supersympa (17:48)


Visiteur 9476302 (19:33)


Visiteur 9476302 (19:34)

eddit brit dans desperate housewiwes

Visiteur 9476302 (19:38)


arween (12:54)

Bonjour à tous ! Le nouveau sondage de The Night Shift vous invite à choisir le docteur que vous verrez bien au San Antonio Memorial.

arween (12:54)

Venez choisir votre docteur préféré !

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serieserie (08:38)

Vous avez un enfant dans votre série? il est fort probable qu'il soit en dans L'Enfant du diable sur Lucifer! Venez voter!

choup37 (11:20)

Nouveau sondage spécial arrivée de la (oui la!) 13ème Docteur sur le quartier Doctor Who!

Visiteur 2846505 (18:03)

salut ça va ?

Visiteur 3202334 (21:09)

bonjour, j'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un peut me dire ou trouver la saison 4 en français

Visiteur 3202334 (21:11)

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Merlinelo (22:50)

Désolé, on ne parle pas de streaming sur ce site ;-)

Merlinelo (22:51)

Le quartier Orphan Black a un nouveau design! Les commentaires sont les bienvenus.

Merlinelo (22:51)

Aussi, les fans sont invités à voter au nouveau sondage sur la saison 5. Merci à tous et bonne soirée

grims (07:14)

Coucou à tous ! le quartier vikings vous attends pour voter à la photo du mois !

grims (07:15)

Et à l'occasion de l'hypnocruise deux animations vous sont proposées ! la chasse à la corne et un concours wallpaper !

grims (07:18)

Seulement 1 participante pour le concours wallpaper sur le quartier Vikings qui l'accompagne ?

CastleBeck (11:57)

Dernier jour pour envoyer vos voeux d'anniversaire pour le concours This Is Us. Pas besoin de connaitre la série. Texte d'au plus 100 mots. Merci

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clark77 (19:55)

Faîtes le plein de news sur le quartier Smallville ! Les acteurs de la série font leur grand retour

Flora12 (11:24)

Sondage et photo du mois sur le quartier Revenge, venez nombreux !

felicity22 (21:15)

Message deleted by albi2302

albi2302 (21:18)


elementary (10:36)


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